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A Webcomic moving to TV!?
Spotlight Review of: Darken
Darken Interview
Comic Genesis vs. Drunk Duck
ALL OUT!: Interviews from the Keenspace Coluseum!
Prime Evil - a review
Episodic Or Continuous?
CG Sampler #3 is in progress
Keenspot Helps With Hurricane Relief Efforts
What makes a Webcomic funny?
Featured comic: Twin

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Below lies a list of all the fine folks who have helped make this newsletter possible. Without them this whole project would not be possible. Thanks guys!
Also, if you have a question/comment regarding Keenspace Monthly in general, please send mail to KMReadermail@gmail.com.

Spriteville avatar Name: JossiRossi
Website: Spriteville, USA
Email: Spriteville@Gmail.com
Position: Da Boss!
Quote: "The 8-Bit Revolution is upon us!"

Bio: I started doing sprite stuff freshman year in college around March 2004. Since then I've tried to improve to the point where I could be actually considered an artist. Still working on it. I also am trying to learn to do actual drawing and doodle on occasion. Normally people try to make these bio's kind of "timeless" to avoid having to re-do them later. But I doubt I'll have to change anything in this for a long time. My Official Smilie: =]

Crossfire avatarName: Erick "Crossfire" Carmona
Website:Shellshocked Comics (is dead at the moment...)
Position: Website Dude
Quote: "Home is where your tower is"

I'm the dude who makes this site tick. Not very well... but I try. I'm just an 18 year old dinking around with a book on HTML so go easy on me... Oh yeah, Fight Spam!

Dutch avatarName: Dan "Dutch" VanderWerff
Website:School Spirit
Position: Editor and stuff
Quote: "No worries."

Bio: I stumbled into webcomics almost by mistake, but I've been publishing mine since mid 2004. In real life I teach in a primary school in semi rural south east Australia. Unsurprisingly, I have more correction to do here than I do for the kids.

grace avatarName: Grace (BOMC on forums)
Website:Because of Math Class
Position: Freelancer
Quote: "Do you ever get tired of people laughing when they look at you?"

Bio: I've been reading webcomics for close to 5 years now and have started a few of them unsuccessfully before BOMC. Am currently pursuing a degree in Theatre.

Keencrow avatarName: Keencrow
Position: Columnist (Blatherer)
Quote: "Stupid crows..."

Bio: I'm pretty new to Keenspace, but have been reading webcomics for a couple of years now. I've had a couple of really bad ones myself, but I'm working on fixing that, with my new one. Not a stick figure in sight!

Kris X avatarName: Kris X
Website:Insanity for the Poor
Position: Interviewer
Quote: "Fact is all Theory, not Law."

Bio: Forum pocket kitty, but so much more! Currently dabbling in many sections of work including: Webcomics, Journalism, Photography, Art, and Internet sh-tuff. Also doing work with The X Review.

Leko avatarName: Leko
Position: Freelancer
Quote: "Well, see, I have this gun..."

Bio: Leko works as the copy editor of her school newspaper. She thinks Crossfire is pretty nifty for coming up with the site design, and Spriteville is pretty nifty for coming up with the newsletter idea. In fact, she's feeling a bit outclassed among all this niftiness, and it's made her rather cross. Also, to all forumgoers: She's a girl, damnit! And she's writing her bio in third person form cause that's they way they do it in theater! SO THERE!

Magic Kitsune avatarName: Magic Kitsune
Website:Fox Tails
Email:mystic358 [in the vicinity of] charter.net
Position: Assistant Editor and Writer
Quote: "Let's try to keep our actions in legal (or at least untraceable) boundaries."

Bio: I've read webcomics for a few years now, but only recently started one of my own. I've been writing and drawing long before I was internet savvy, and, even though I haven't done it for long, have found webcomicking a great way to use my talents.

Matt Summers avatarName: Matt "netpoet" Summers
Website:Tales of the Travelling Gnome
Position: Writer and Editor
Quote: "Remember, as a writer, I make no claims to any actual ability as far as spelling or grammar goes."

Bio: I've been writing since I was about 14, and though I've tried and tried, I have no other artistic talent beyond writing. Hense, you'll NEVER see an actual drawing from me... Been reading webcomics since before Keenspace EXISTED, so I've been around.

Rhellik avatarName:Rhellik
Website:Deus Ex Magica
Position: Mascot animator (MOVE! MOVE!)
Quote: "Rhellik walks the land!"

Bio: It all started a few years ago when I tried drawing my first comic on paper. Since then I've got to know the internet, flash and the WACOM Intuos3 graphics tablet. I need no more to be happy. Well, maybe Blender.

R. L. Peterson avatarName: R. L. "The Neko" Peterson
Website:Go For It
Position: Freelance Writer
Quote: "I always thought a great episode of 'Bananas in Pajamas' would be if Banana One shoved Banana Two down the stairs, and then peeled himself in front of the camera to fulfill his love murder-suicide pact."

Bio: Currently attends Vassar college as a double-major in Film and Japanese.

Srdjan Name: Srdjan "mcDuffies" Achimovich
Website:mcDuffies and Little White Knight
Position: Freelancer
Quote:"How comes something so bad comes in such handsome package? Bad people should have a big scar or an eyepatch, so that you can recognize them."

Trajedi avatarName: Trajedi
Website: (beggining in April) Shallow End and Words of Wizdum
Position: Writer
Quote: "Life is a like a box chocolates because sometimes you have to poke things to find out if you like the way they taste."

Bio: Trajedi is currently working on her BA at New England Tech for Film and Radio. When not "studying" Trajedi can be found playing X-Box, drawing, annoying her friends, playing RPGS and War Machine (yes, thats rights guys and gals Trajedi is a geek), going to Rocky Horror or working for a small cable company (Full Channel Cable). Trajedi hopes one day to be subbed by the Academy much like Quentin Tarantino. Oh, and Trajedi is a web cartoonist.

Woodson Baldwin avatarName: Woodson "Chibiartstudios" Baldwin
Website:Chibi Art Studios
Position: Deep thinker (Does comics on the side)
Quote: "This is just another step in my childhood dream to become the head of a cold, corrupt, corporate conglomerate!"

Bio: As an orphan I was raised by wolves near the coasts of San Diego. I never fit in though. The way my stepbrother kept asking for cash and spare deer legs was particularly annoying. Seeking Independence I eventually fell into webcomicking. Now I do my best at not fitting in with humans with moderate success.

And a crap ton of other people I havn't added yet! :P

Website: -->
Email: -->
Position: Peon!
Quote: ***



Special thanks go out to Joel Fagin, War, Sam Charette, and The Neko for their aid in building this website. Thanks to RPin for the allowing us to use Keenspace Tan in our site. And my great thanks to the Keenspace community for all the help and support. We couldn't have done this without you crazy bastards. :D

If you are not listed on this page and have participated in the Keenspace Monthly newsletter, please let me know. If you are already on this page and have a correction or update, request a change. Please be sure to include your name, website, email, favorite quote, and short bio. If you would like your email to be slightly broken to fool spam bots please be sure to specify that.

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